Hardscape Services

Our retaining walls, patios, and walkways are the best in town. Built with more then just TLC, they have limitless aesthetic and practicable possibilities. Our stonescapes provide undeniable value to your home and landscape. The installation process and applications that we use are able to stand up to the area's annual freezing and thawing processes that damage improperly installed walks and patios. We are certified and licensed ICPI and NCMA installers. 

We specialize in using 

Retaining Walls

Our walls serve a limitless number of aesthetic and practical needs. Constructed of Keystone or Belgard blocks, we create a unique design for each application by using color, texture, and dimension to bring a one-of-a-kind beauty to your home or garden. We can incorporate turns, terraces, pillars, corners, steps, and even lights. Call us for your custom design.

Patios, Walks, & Driveways

Our paver and stone patios, walks, and driveways make your outdoor living area exciting and attractive. Low maintenance and high value make these choices a great investment for your home. 
Let us help you impress your family, friends and neighbors with a sturdy and functional area using Belgard.

                               All of our hardscape products come with a 5 year guarantee. 

Outdoor Rooms and Kitchens

Your home shouldn't stop when you walk out the door. Let us transform your back yard into an outdoor kitchen or living space that will bring endless amounts of elegance and beauty to your outdoors. With our outdoor kitchens we can incorporate: countertops, fireplaces, sinks with running water, refrigerators, drawers, ice makers, and anything else you may desire. Pinkos Landscaping can create a resort like destination just a step out the back door, instead of hours of traffic and expenses elsewhere. 

Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire pits

Let us bring warmth to your family with one of our cozy fire pits. Let us build a fireplace in your back yard out of beautiful stone or a fire pit to match your patio. There are limitless possibilities for size, location, material, and uses. Don't forget the marshmallows!

Hardscape Lighting 

Most customers are overwhelmed with the impact--they just can't believe the difference that it makes. 
Hardscape lighting provides sufficient lighting to your outdoor areas at night time. Highlight the best of what your landscape offers by installing hardscape lighting to showcase the features that deserve some extra attention. Create a focal point for a water feature, swimming pool or just use hardscape lighting to emphasize your landscapes.

Great for steps, entertainment or pool patios, even around the kitchens. Knowing that most entertaining takes place at night it only makes sense to include Hardscape Lighting.


Hardscape Cleaning & Sealing

We are a Certified Techniseal Applicator and provide cleaning and sealing for paver stone walks, patios,driveways, etc.
• Choice of wet look, natural look or invisible protection
• Protects against stains and makes cleaning easier
• Removes oil, rust, tar, efflorescence, etc.

We can also redo many paver stone joints with Polymeric Joint Sands.
• Stabilizes pavers - Follows movement
• Resists erosion - Water, frost heaving, wind, power washing, etc.
• Deters ants and other insects
• Inhibits weed growth


Heated Walkways, Patios, and Driveways

Eliminate the need to shovel or plow your paver stone surface forever. The snow and ice will never have to chance to pile up.  Avoiding injury due to slippery surfaces, and having the confidence that your walkways and driveway will be cleared, regardless of the weather conditions. Other notable benefits include adding value to your home, preserving the life of your driveway, and
avoiding damage to the bordering landscape from harmful salts and chemicalsThe average operational cost for a snow melting system is approximately $0.32 per 100 square feet per hour. Which in most cases is cheaper the snowplowing. The system automatically turns on when the temperature is below 38° and there is moisture on the sensor.     

Computer Designed

This aspect of our design process is a real treat for the customer. We are able to create a virtual, in depth landscape of your property with just a digital picture. We will be able to show you almost exactly what your retaining wall, patio, sidewalk or landscape will look like when we are finished. With these images, there will be no question on exactly how your dream project will look. 

Brick & Stone Landscape Borders

Show off your landscaping with a lasting paver or natural stone boarder! We call this the finishing touch; nothing quite completes a beautiful landscape like a beautiful boarder to match. Borders make edging and trimming easier, they detours moles, and keep grass/unwanted weeds from invading landscapes. We don't have to re-build your entire landscape to do this. Let us add this charming look to your landscape or replace/relay the old borders. This is done complete with compacted foundation to avoid settling.

Natural Stone

We also provide those unique Natural Stone walls and Flagstone walkways.
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