Landscape Services

We start our landscaping by first meeting you at your home, and finding out exactly what you are wanting to achieve. After a brief consultation, we will begin to compile everything we have discussed and begin determining how to focus on the good points of your property and how to best utilize the space. After approximately a week, we will have a presentation ready for you. The presentation will be either a computer generated or hand drawn design of how your property will look when professionally installed by our company. 

Landscape Design Build

This aspect of our business really sets us apart from the competition. We will come to your house for a brief consultation to obtain all necessary information to put your plan into action. We will return with before and after shots created and then put together with our Photo Imaging software. You will be able to see exactly what we plan to do before any work is actually started.

Landscape Lighting

We are proud installers of UNIQUE and INTEGRAL Landscape Lighting. With limitless creative possibilities, colors, styles, custom pieces and textures your light design will truly set the stage in your neighborhood. Contact us for a free consultation and lighting design. We use a array of back lighting, up lighting, along with path and step lighting to bring you a one of a kind look to your property. At Pinkos Landscaping we only choose the best most reliable landscape lighting. Today's homeowners see their landscapes as a source of pride, a refuge for relaxation and a place to enjoy good times with family and friends. UNIQUE and INTEGRAL Lighting products bring these spaces to life after the sun goes down, providing an unmatched aesthetic effect while adding safety and usability.

Landscaping lighting provides sufficient lighting to your outdoor areas at night time. Highlight the best of what your landscape offers by installing landscape lighting to showcase the features that deserve some extra attention. Create a focal point for a water feature, swimming pool or just use landscape lighting to emphasize your landscapes.

There are many benefits of installing landscape lighting around your home. These include:
  • Providing you and your guests with visibility after dark 
  • Significantly enhancing the appearance of your property 
  • Enjoying your landscape at night time as well as during the day 
  • Lighting up your property at night and providing extra security for your home 

There is a wide variety of products available on the market to accommodate any area around your property. We guarantee we will find a product that will suit your needs. The products we use are easy to install, very durable and fairly inexpensive.

Accent Lighting . House Lighting . Garden Lighting . Step Lighting . Waterfall Lighting . Pathway Lighting . Driveway Lighting . And Much More


The calming sound of trickling water with the beauty of water plants and fish adds a relaxing feeling to your outdoor space. Water Gardens become the focal point of any landscape. Whether we build a feature welcoming guests at the front of your home or a backyard habitat with waterfalls, streams and lights, you will find each day enhanced by your new Waterscape.

Pond Less Waterfalls . Ponds . Rainwater Harvesting . Wading Pools . Fountains .  Water Rocks . And Much More 


Computerized Graphic Design

Explained briefly above, this aspect of our design process is a real treat for the customer. We are able to create a virtual, in depth landscape of your property with just a digital picture. We will be able to zoom in and out, change angles, and see specific details about each plant we plan to use on your project. With these images there will be no question on exactly how your dream landscape will look.


Landscape Installation

We care about your property! Once you have chosen us to install your landscape, we will professionally perform the steps necessary to make your design come to life, all with being as least invasive as possible. We will not leave you with a muddy mess, only a beautiful, one of a kind landscape!

Landscape Rejuvenation

Do you love your landscaping, but know it needs some major or minor enhancements? Let us bring it back to life! Many years of weather, age, and other factors take a toll on your landscape's appearance. Give us a call for a free estimate so we can show you just what we can do.

Landscape Removal
Landscape removal is included in the price of our new landscape installations. We remove all old plant material, including roots and root balls, leaving a clean pallet and workable ground. This service is also available for customers who would like to install their own landscape but would like to have a professional company remove the old overgrown plants, trees, roots, and anything else they may want removed. 

Tree Installation

We are able to plant any tree, deciduous or evergreen, from 1 foot tall to 20 feet tall. Whether it be 1 or 100, all trees planted come with a full 1 year replacement guarantee. 

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