Maintenance Services

Professional Grounds Maintenance

We don't simply cut your grass, We manicure your Property!
Our uniformed crew will arrive promptly and always mow your lawn at the proper height to ensure a quality cut. Our mowing consists of all lawn areas, edging along all concrete surfaces and trimming around all other borders. Cleaning and weeding of planting bed areas. Blowing off of debris from driveway, walkways, and/or patios, etc.
We use only the finest equipment available and sharpen our blades once a week to ensure the best cut for you. 
Prices for Commercial or Residential can be per time or seasonal contracts.

Hardscape Cleaning & Sealing

We are a Certified Techniseal Applicator and provide cleaning and sealing for paver stone walks, patios,driveways, etc.
• Choice of wet look, natural look or invisible protection
• Protects against stains and makes cleaning easier
• Removes oil, rust, tar, efflorescence, etc.

We can also renovate many paver stone joints with Polymeric Joint Sands.
• Stabilizes pavers - Follows movement
• Resists erosion - Water, frost heaving, wind, power washing, etc.
• Deters ants and other insects
• Inhibits weed growth


We are able to clean up your current landscape and apply new mulch to give it that new lookNothing brings out the beauty of your flower and landscape beds like a fresh coat of mulch. We use only the finest pure bark mulch around to detour termites and insects. Mulching protects your plants by keeping them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Mulch also slows down evaporation which leaves you with less watering.

Seasonal Clean Up

Hate raking leaves or spring mess? Leave it to us. 
This is where we really come to the rescue. After all those beautiful fall colors have fallen to the ground call us for a sigh of relief. Our clean-up includes removing all leaves and other fallen debris from your lawn, landscaping, under those hard to get to bushes and everywhere else. With our large equipment we will have your yard looking great just before the holidays in the fall or just in time for the flowers in spring.

Shrub & Tree Trimming

You can rely on us to ensure your shrubs are always looking great, and also remain healthyWe will leave your bushes and trees looking beautiful and designed just how you like.

Snowplowing & Salting

Specialized in Commercial plowing and salting. Our blades, plows, and shovels will get you out and about in no time! We have the manpower and the equipment to take on any size job commercial and residential. We're available 24 hours a day during snow storms. You can be assured your driveway and/or parking lots will be cleared, salted and ready for customers. Call for a free estimate of your property.

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